Master Bath

So, I’m gonna spend the rest of November detailing the work I’m doing on the house. This might not be interesting to too many people, but I think it will be fascinating to look back on, especially figuring out what mistakes I’ve made and what they led to.

Today was demolition. I tore up the bathroom on the main floor, because it’s gonna be a couple more days until I get to the rental apartment. We’ve spent around $800 so far, although you won’t see any of the good stuff in these pix.

This is the only picture I found of the old crappy bathroom. I argued that this was the ugliest bathroom in Queens, and I would have stood by that until I saw the maudlin scene in the rental apartment on the third floor.

This seems like it’s the closest pic angle-wise of the demo I did today. I took everything out except the toilet and the tub. I still have to figure out how to turn the water off upstairs to get the tub out, and it could be that I have to turn the water off for the whole house. I have a feeling this is gonna be a dangerous bit of education.

Better angle of the entire bathroom. I tore out a useless closet and ripped off the horrible plastic shower walls they had up. Also, the toilet is yellow. I mean, I’m just saying. We’re replacing it with a brown/green one.

That’s not true…