Movin’ On Up

Two last photos of the bathroom, for anyone waiting with baited breath.

There are still a couple of cosmetic changes we need to make. Some drywall patching and painting to finish, and we had a small plumbing disaster that required some tile removal, but other wise the bathroom is usable, which, really, is all we can ask a bathroom to be. The toilet is sorta insecure, but I didn’t notice that until I took a crap a little while ago. I’ve been following protocol and peeing in the sink.

The medicine cabinet, which I honestly didn’t like at first, is gonna be fine. It’s got a real elegant line to it, surprisingly. We’ve still got trim to put on around the tile, but other than the tiny stuff, I’m not gonna revisit this bathroom until I’m forced to.

Now, of course, I’ve got to move on to the apartment upstairs. I’ll post some pictures of that later, but… well, here’s a shot of the trash pick up I’m doing today.

This all has to end up going out to a dumpster that is coming around 3. Most construction projects have a dumpster waiting outside to fill with trash as they go, but that requires a permit, and I’m assuming in Queens that getting a permit means meeting some Proto-Mediterranean Contingent and handing over $500 in a back alley… or maybe it’s just a matter of filling out forms. All I know is that I can have the trash guys come and then load the truck and they go away, and I don’t have to do any paper work.