Perspective on the Room

So, it really is important to look at things a certain way. Jordana and I have been bickering a little bit because we’ve got so much we’re trying to get done, and no matter how you look at it, you can figure out how to take things the wrong way, or complain a little too much.

So it’s important that we all look at things a certain way. For instance…

This is one way of looking at our bathroom. There’s a big hole in the floor, the walls are destroyed, the tile is down but it looks pretty fucked up. This is one way.

This is a better angle. That toilet works, the walls are pretty close to done and… okay, the tile is still fucked up. But I’ve figured out how to fix that…

I’m not done yet, but you can see that the tile looks a little better in sections. I just need another two hours or so, and the tile will look great.

This is probably the right way to look at this. It’s about a third done, and that’s probably the easy third… but it’s important that pregnant ladies can pee in the middle of the night.