Vitrual Tour

Now, I’m on to bigger and worser things. If, somehow, I survive the great trash removal of November ’06, I will then be left with these somewhat daunting rooms. Starting with the best, and working my way to the worst.

This room is basically ready to go. Nice light, nice windows, nice and big… I would probably make this my bedroom, except that it’s right over some no-talent’s studio, and I’d have to listen to him singing “High Flying Adored” over and over and then hear him whine about how he could have been successful if he hadn’t had so many obstacles put in his path. I don’t intend on doing anything to this room right now.

Sort of a moody picture, I’m not sure why the flash didn’t go off. I would make this room a dining/living room or something like that. Put in a TV, a doggie bed, a fold out couch and a heavily stocked bar and watch the sun set out the back windows. All you’d have to do is put up with the constant sound of failed masturbation coming from the bedroom below, and the immediate whine about how he could have been successful if he hadn’t had so many obstacles put in his path. Again, I’m not gonna do much to this room. I might fix the ceiling…

Now, just because I have no intention of doing anything to this room, doesn’t mean work shouldn’t be done on it. The walls are awful, the carpet is awful… but the thing is, it’s livable, it’s small, it’s essentially a huge walk-in closet. I would make this my studio, because the only thing below it is a hallway, and the whining from downstairs is almost imperceptable here.

I know what you’re thining. You think this is another “before” picture of our bathroom, but it isn’t. This is… well, I guess it is a “before” picture of the bathroom upstairs, which is identical to our bathroom. I’m keeping the tub, it’s ceramic on cast iron and it’s in perfectly good shape, as is the plumbing, but I’m replacing everything else, including the walls. You might think it’s just horrible to be in this room. You’d be right.

My guess is that if you didn’t live in America and know that every home has to have some kind of kitchen, and if you didn’t have the process of elimination to go by, it might take you a minute or two to figure out that this is, indeed, the kitchen. The makeshift hole in the wall where the vent goes, or the plumbing aparatus might have given it away, but at first glance, this looks like Katrina hit it. I’m putting in new walls, new subfloor, new tile floor, new ceiling and new lighting, then new cabinets, new fridge, stove and dishwasher and new sink and plumbing going all the way to the wall. And it’ll be done by December 3rd.