Wait… What?

I need to start with a short list of things I’ve done wrong. There is supposed to be a full support structure for the tub, and there isn’t really. The tub is more or less set in a structure, but it, um, wobbles just a touch. Now, you have to shift around in the tub to get it to move, but it works.

One is supposed to take the knobs off before the backerboard goes on, but I couldn’t get the knobs off.

There is supposed to be a layer of thinset holding the tub to the ground. I put the thinset down, but then moved the tub a bunch of times and the thinset didn’t take. At all.

When I was doing the electrical work for the engine on the pump, I did some fancy bullshit that, of course, didn’t work, and I had to take the whole thing apart and re-do it. Which I also did with the support structure, three different times. And I also did it with the plumbing.

The plumbing connection with the drain and the overflow was… it was a two day ordeal. The overflow and the drain didn’t match, so I had to disassemble the entire thing and rebuild it from a way’s inside the wall all the way out to the tub.

The floor by the toilet is so crooked and awful that there is about an inch of clearance in front. A gap that I have shived up with wood. I’m not sure how I’m gonna solve that. Plaster of paris is what is suggested, but… I don’t know what that is. So, I don’t think that’s gonna work.

Anyway, this is what the bathroom looks like tonight.

The walls have been replaced with backer board that will hold the tile better. The electrical and plumbing is all in for the whirlpool tub and the hole in the wall for the medicine cabinet is, y’know, cut open. That’s how I got to the electricity.

Just another angle of the same thing, but you can better see the moto and the plumbing, the pvc, and the support structure for the tub. Behind the wooden panel is a set of 1x2s screwed together. The support beams are doubled up 1x2s, but underneath the set at the foot of the tub, I’ve got actual 2x4s and tons of support. the tub still wiggles.