Would You Rather A Knitting Blog?

Yeah, this is getting boring to read about, I’m sure. And… it’s only just begun. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better. This room is 72% done, but as soon as I get it completely done, I’m gonna demolish the upstairs and start on that. And I’ve got three weeks, give or take, before the whole thing has to be done.

Is it fun? It is sorta fun, but mostly, there’s a good sense of accomplishment.

Let me post some new pictures, just so I feel like I’m moving forward…

This is what it looks like from the hallway, looking in the door. The rather dramatic hole in the wall is, honestly, nothing, it’s just where the medicine cabinet fits in, and that’s gonna be dead easy to do. I just have to frame it out. The medicine cabinet is the only thing in the bathroom that I don’t really like, but it is infinitely replaceable. Everything else is awesome.

You can get a sense of the very simple design. As we were driving to Home Depot, Jordana said “should we get some 12 inch tiles?” and I said, “well, the backerboard is five feet tall… that would be perfect if we had,” and Jordana interrupted with, “six rows of eight inch and one row of twelve, right?” We don’t even bother to talk anymore, seriously. We’ve run out of things to say.

This is the first sense we’ve gotten of what the bathroom will look like. The tiles will be cleaned up on the floor, and the walls will be grouted, and the medicine chest… but we’re closing in on it

When I was trying to get the pips secured for the toilet, I did some crazy shit, turning metal directly into more metal, threading things that don’t naturally have threads. I used an acting exercise to move the pipes. I focused my chi. So… I had that going for me. It really made me happy I had studied acting.