The Barnabus

We are home from the hospital and Jordana is struggling some, but is actually in really good spirits. I’ve got one eye on the clock because Barnaby is a timebomb, but here are some pix

This is the last time Jordana smiled

And this is why. Those numbers don’t lie. The act of childbirth is the single most violent and beautiful thing I’ve ever been around. It’s strange, I’ve always been a very “in the moment” kinda guy, but I watched most of this thing floating around the room.

Of course, as every mother will tell you, it’s all worth it. I think you have to ask mothers of grown children, because mothers of newborns probably don’t think it’s worth it.

These are our sisters with the boy. It seems like they think he’s extremely attractive, and I assume he will do very well with the ladies. Especially considering the guy friends I have, and how much the chicks dig all of us.

We got him home from the hospital and Jordana started her recovery. It’s gonna be a while before she’s riding Western style again, but this little boy just loves her so much. I don’t know if you can tell, but he’s got his hands curled up under his chin. I took this without the flash because I was worried he would wake up.