I sincerely hope I’m able to post before Christmas, but since I probably won’t, I wanted to post a few more pictures of Barno.

I will have to make a decision about what to do with this blog, and turning it into a “Daddy-N-Me-Make-Music” kind of thing is a definite possibility.

Anyway, here we go…

I have to post pics of me looking terrible because no other pictures exist.

This is Barno with his gramma Lorna, back at Chez Barno in Astoria

This is Barno roughly an hour after he was born, with Gramma Linda in the hospital

As much as I love this picture, it isn’t my favorite. It is kinda cool to see him look so goofy, and fun to see Jordana laughing at him. However…

This is just about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I love these guys so much, it just kills me.