Update on Invite Me

I got some private emails, and I’m gonna do my damnedest to come. It’s a tough sell, in this climate, particularly with everyone talking about how the Fringe sucks…

Look, it’s possible that the Fringe Festival in another town would bring the whole city to its collective knees, but New York isn’t like that. It just isn’t, we’ve been through too much. I can tell you that on by September 14, 2001, most of the people in the city just wanted to get back to work and have a drink with their friends, if you really expect a THEATER FESTIVAL to turn this town on its ass… well, then maybe you should check out Philly or Edinburgh or whatever. It’s not gonna happen.

But for the number of people who are involved in the festival to work as hard as they have, just to have people say “the festival doesn’t attract the real offbeat and the real established artists…”

Before I go off on a rant, and I’m going to so prepare yourself, let me put some links up here.

First, Galatea, which I am really excited about.


That’s the link they sent me. I love the pygmalion story, and I LOVE THE FRINGE FESTIVAL, so I’m going to this. Also…

The Wisdom That Men Seek, who are also from Astoria, did some work on their site


So, I wanted both those up there, so you’d know to go to their show.

You know what? No rant, sorry. It’s just assinine. There are hundreds of people putting on tons of wonderful plays, and there are a bunch of crappy ones too, but, you know what? What did it cost you? $15 and a couple of hours? When you’re dead, are you gonna say, “well, thank god. I was gonna go see that show, but then I would have died without that extra $15, and I wouldn’t have had that awesome *nap* that Thursday…”

The Fringe is amazing. The people who run it are one of the few companies anywhere in the world that have figured out how to present 200 shows a year and break even. Oh, and they do it in New York.

I say all this because I got pissed about the voice piece, and I got a little rankled by David Cote’s blog. And then, of course, in the next paragraph he goes and singles out our production and says there ought to be a producer out there to develop our show for the next level. So… um… David Cote, I disagree with you! Except for the part where you think our show is good!

Cote’s blog