My Reviews

It’s really important that I state here, clearly and for posterity, that any reviews I write of theater contain giant bags of my own prejudice, friendships, jealousies, personal animosity and mutual admiration. I would claim some kind of distance, but I have none. The fact of the matter is that every single person has the same thing, there’s no way around it, but these are not “reviews” in the sense that they are a certain number of words and contain a specific exigesis of a theatrical happening – they are far more the ramblings of an excitable fanboy. I’m sure that it will be perfectly clear when you read them, but it’s important to me that any reader knows that I am NOT impartial, I have *NOT* been offered this position based on my clarity of thought or education, and I do NOT write these reviews in the hopes that they will be quoted, either in promotional or fund-raising material. I am publishing these, they are out there and any google search will lead you to these random musings,  I can’t pretend that they will only be read by the people within my community who know me, and who know the theater people I’m talking about. But in case they aren’t, I would like to offer a bouquet of disclaimers. 1) I probably know these people. 2) I’ve probably helped them with marketing or money or just by hanging out and joking around with them and 3) Even if I haven’t, I’m deeply personally invested in the successes and the failures of the people that I go to see.


Do with all that what you will.